Anti-Aging FAQ

How do you decide on using Integrated or approach?

That depends on the condition of each individual. For example: Some people they look great and young for their age because they are physically and mentally healthy and happy, therefore, an external therapy would just be enough as an effective maintenance. while others can have great state of mind but their skin is effected by their lack of knowledge of their own body and physical health and inviroment, therefore, they would benefit from an Integrated approach of both external and Internal. So after the first consultation, I would be able to determine which approach(es) I would take that suit each individual.

External Approach

With my external therapy you won't spend any more money on any creams, lotions , serums, cosmetic clinic or procedures. Depending on the condition of your skin , your life style and your environment I can design external organic treatments for your skin that are non time consuming and very cost effective. I can also teach you those treatments and show you how to apply and integrate them in your daily life, This therapy has lifetime lasting results and available online and in person. Another external treatment that I do (but only available in person) is radio frequency skin tightening, it helps the skin to rebuild collagen organically, it takes from 1 to 12 sessions depending on the condition of your skin, and it is temporary, it is not lifetime last results. Watch this video to show you how it works.

Internal Approach

One or a combination of different ways:

  • Human growth hormone therapy, HGH is the strongest anti-aging hormone .
  • Natural medicine that works with your body bio-chemistry and biology.
  • Certain diets that are designed specifically to suit you and be affective with only you.

Mental Approach

Our mental and emotional state play an integral role on how we age and how old or young we look. Hypnotherapy proved to be amazing as an anti-aging treatment in reversing and restoring the skin to a youthful state. Psychotherapy helps so much as well in finding the issues that causes you to age in a certain to start to heal your Psyche.